A company that fabricates not just products but also opportunities. Through clever design and state-of-the-art technology, AEROsync aims to provide indigenous solutions through their locally manufactured products.

Social Impact Products

AEROsync develops products which have been critically pioneered to deliver social impact. This is a key stone to our design and development process. Our products help to alleviate challenges faced by masses, through their functionality.

Consumer Products

Our secondary line of consumer products, designed and manufactured to perfection are absolutely user centric, formulated to bring comfort and convenience in your life-style, work space and travel.

Design & Manufacturing Services

From custom furnishings and atmospheric props to commercial designs, if your ideas need physical and functional development, we can help you prototype it and transform your design into a workable tangible product.

AEROsync Expertise

  • Product Design Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CAD designing
  • Product Modification
  • Material Exploration and Research
  • Product Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Mechanical & Manual knowledge set
  • Alternate Energy


Neelum Hassan
Neelum HassanDirector Design
“Designing for the future requires deployment today. Often I have been asked “Why?” My question is “Why not?” and most importantly “If not now, then when?”
Ahsan Ehsan
Ahsan EhsanC.E.O
“Often the simplest of its details take the design from paper and turn it into an actual product. This is why I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating and prototyping.”
Saad Ur Rehman
Saad Ur RehmanOperation Strategist
“I want to make the world a better place. Everything that I design or create stems from this thought.”

Ahsan, Saad and Neelum are Industrial Designers. They have graduated from Karachi University, Department of Visual Studies, their expertise lie in product design development, material exploration and mass production.